Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Life In Pictures AKA "I don't have time to write a proper post"

Simon, Linus & Dexter eating breakfast in their jammies. Life is a million times easier now that they can all hold their own bottles. Mind you, the fact that they CAN do it doesn't mean they necessarily WILL do it. Simon is known for throwing his and leaving. He has better things to do than lay around eating. There are flip flops to be chewed on, doncha know.

Simon now has 4 teeth, about to be 6. They're coming in out of order so he looks like a redneck vampire.

Dexter sits up like he's been doing it forever. This week he's even started putting a little pressure on his feet if you stand him up. Notice how his 12-24 month socks don't quite fit his heel? These boys are growing up ridiculously fast.

Linus is making leaps and bounds in his strength and flexibility. He rolls from side to side with no problem. Today he rolled from his belly to his back for the first time ever. Big accomplishments for a guy who was completely immobile 3 weeks ago.
Trina wanted me to see how Linus could pick up his head during tummy time. He thought it was fun at first.
That didn't last long. Tummy time sucks according to Linus.
But he used the anger to motivate himself.
Look at that form! Perfection for approximately .03 seconds. It still counts. :)

All of our boys are snugglers. I really hope they stay that way. Nothin better than getting baby lovins.
Dexter says "Do you mind? We're trying to cuddle"

This was taken right before bedtime. Look at those sleepy boys.

Dexter & Simon snuggling during nap time.

Trina was rocking fussy babies to sleep. Apparently it was a little too effective.

This is my favorite picture of Simon and I. Couldn't you just eat him up?

Two of my favorite people.

Dexter and Simon cheesin in the baby jail.

Everybody still loves Jumperoo time.

A tired Linus getting his tube feed. He's our only pacifier boy. We give them to him during his feeds hoping he'll make a connection between the sucking and his belly getting full.
He loves his Lovie by Swaddle Designs.

My all time favorite bath picture of Simon. That kid is such a ham!

The boys were playing and Dex kept looking over at Linus sitting in his bouncer.
Simon decided to go see what he was up to.
Linus was super excited about having company.
He even let him chew on his coveted chicken toy.

Linus has started eating a little from a spoon. We're trying to encourage him to eat orally so we can eventually wean him from the tube. Unfortunately it usually ends in puke city.
He LOVES cereal. He ate half an ounce before erupting like a volcano. :/
After Linus puked his guts out, I stripped him down and was cleaning him off. He kept trying to take the wet washcloth from me so I got him his own urp-free one to play with. He loved it. Goofy child.

Simon loves his brother SO much. I have a feeling he's going to be a very protective big brother.

Linus finally found his feet. Still can't reach them, but man do they look like fun!

Dex chewin' on his wooden giraffe. I love this kid's face. What a great smile.

Apparently it's "check out your toys in the nude" day at the baby cage. Who knew? I love the concentration they each have. "Hmmm, yep, everything looks like it's in order here. How about you guys?"

Linus is pretty sure he's "Matthew McConaughey sexy." Just look at those abs!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Remembering a Warrior

Sending love to the Bissing family and their many friends on this difficult day.