Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everything Tastes Better In A Belly Mug

Last week we went to the Museum of Natural Science with some friends of ours. We had a blast and in the gift shop I saw the best mug ever. It's the adorable belly mug you see to the right. Trina's been drinking out of it everyday since then, because just like the title says, everything tastes better in a belly mug. :)  

On the TTC front, yesterday Trina thought she may have seen a tiny little miniscule pink dot on the TP after wiping...TWICE. :) I'm choosing to be thrilled, she's still wondering if she saw anything at all or just imagined it. Then this morning her temp went up. So we either have a triphasic chart or a fluke temp. I guess we'll know if it stays high for a few more days. This week Trina's moods have been swinging like Tarzan. Pregnancy or PMS? Who knows for sure, but I'm staying pretty optimistic. 

Question #5:
When you think about your future children what do you daydream about? The birth, first steps, kindergarten...

Our Answer:
Trina's predominant daydream is about breast feeding. She can't wait to bond in such a natural and deep way. I can't wait for the birth. Seeing our child come into this world. What an amazing feeling it will be to see and hold them for the first time. Usually our thought bubbles are filled with mundane everyday activities. Trina's beautiful belly when she's pregnant, going out as a family to the store or the dog park, watching them sleep, dressing him up in cute tiny blue jeans, putting her hair in pigtails for the first time... Someday.


Anonymous said...

Hey girls! BTW - I am in total need of T's massage services! I am a hurting unit! I am choosing to believe you two are totally pregnant. That this time you will have your little one - to see being born and to breastfeed.

I think most about what it will be like to see my wife hold our little one for the first time. To see my wife become a mother - to watch her grow as a mother. All the steps along the looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Oh - and I LOVE the belly mug!!



it sounds like this is the "one".

i think me an sarah daydream about the first few years; her daydreams more focused on the early education she could start the little bit on, mine more on the lines of just fascinated by the progression of understanding his/her self. Ex.: first learning to smile, figuring out that they have fingers and the act of grabbing, putting mouth and fingers together to satisfy the urge to shove everything into their mouth, finding toes and learning to flip over, random stuff like that. the things you dont care about until you get very old and have to go through it all over again.

Anonymous said...

Those sound like really good signs- fingers crossed!!

As for me, I wonder a lot what he's going to look like, I picture his tiny fingers all the time, and I can't wait to hold him.

Becky Le Cochon said...

That is toooo cute!!
I want one!!!!!!

Jen said...

I want one of these mugs...maybe when I do get my BFP, that will be my present to myself.

Anonymous said...

First - I LOVE that mug and need to find one for myself and my wife! The things people come up with!

Second - I will follow Jill's lead, you are totally pg.

Lastly - Ditto everything all of you said.

Becky Le Cochon said...

I DID IT!!!!
I found it online and brought me a Belly Mug today!!!
Sorry ladies didn't mean to steal:-( but i just couldn't help it!!!

Robbie said...

I found a place online that sells the belly mug. Here's the link. I'm glad you folks like it as much as we do . :)

KraftyKay said...

Ooh, the signs sound good! I'm keeping everything crossed for you two.