Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spotting on 10 DPO

Trina had some spotting tonight. The pessimist in me thinks it's probably just an early start to her period, but the little bit of optimism I have is hoping it's implantation spotting. As of yesterday her temperature hadn't dipped in the least. Unfortunately our power blinked last night so her BBT alarm didn't go off resulting in today's temperature being unknown. Kind of frustrating, but we'll have answers in the morning. I haven't had a ton of hope for this cycle and my expectation has dropped even lower these last few days as Trina's PMS symptoms have reared their ugly head but, as always, a glimmer of hope remains. Here's to high mercury come sun up.

A few days ago my very good friends found out they are having twin boys so we spent over an hour picking out cute baby things to fill a congratulations basket. It was bittersweet, as always, to shop for someone else's babies. We did enjoy seeing all of the "new & improved" selections that are now available for our future baby. It was fun to pick things out for "when we get pregnant". It was nice to daydream. 

For those of you who are planning to see the new Plxar film Up, let me warn you that Trina cried through the first 15 minutes of it. This is partly because of her hormones and partly because we were blindsided with the topics of infertility and death. It was a really good movie, we just weren't prepared for the subject matter to be so deep a few minutes in. After the initial punch in the gut, the rest of the show is fun and carefree for the most part. 

7 comments: said...

my fingers are crossed for you and your love. Hoping for you that this is the time.

We started buying things cute and on sale. thinking this may not be around when we are pregnant. do you do that? (i feel a bit wierd about it).

N said...

I'd heard about the stuff in Up. Haven't seen it yet. Or Marley & Me. Not sure I can do it.

Here's hoping the spotting is implantation. Does she usually spot this early?

2momswithaplan said...

You might want to stay away from Marley & Me as well. I almost had to walk out of the movie theatre. I swear I will never watch that movie again.

I didn't realize UP would have sensitive subject matter. I'm surprised.

Ok... now time for manifesting... ready?

Trina is pregnant. The spotting was implat bleeding because that little bean is snuggling in for 9 months. Her temp is going to stay up because in 4 days you both will be looking at your BFP! So an early congrats to you both... because this is your month.

KraftyKay said...

Crossing everything crossable for you both!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up about Up. My wife and I wept through pretty much ALL of Marley & Me.

This Mom said...

We had the same experience with Up. It's a great movie, but the beginning is rough to get through, even if you're not currently TTC'ing.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that the optimist in you is right! It surely could be implantation spotting and I sure hope it is.

We partook in a little of that 'what if' shopping for another baby today too.. bittersweet is right.