Sunday, August 16, 2009

St@rFlight & BFN#9, Part 1.5: Rescue Photos

At one point while we were still in the water and I knew my family was semi-near with the boat, I almost asked Trina to tell them to take pictures. Later, in the hospital, when I told Trina this she looked at me like I was insane. What can I say? I like documentation and THIS was certainly worth documenting. Luckily for me, my family agrees. Both my sister and stepmom took photos during the rescue. Too bad no one picked up my super awesome camera to do it with. :) Here are a few my stepmom took. I don't have copies of my sisters' yet. I may post them later.

To the right of the Sheriff's boat you can see Trina holding me to her chest. She was amazing out there. Truly my hero.

A rescuer standing at the side door of the St@rFlight helicopter.

Mr. Swimmer being lowered into the water.

Below the yellow boat is Mr. Swimmer's yellow helmet. He has me now & Trina is out of the water and safely on the Sheriff's boat.

In the bottom right corner you can see me trying to shield my face from the helicopter's spray. 

Above the red stripe on the boat, my stretcher & legs are just visible.

Mr. Swimmer & more rescuers walking me up the hill the to the waiting helicopter.


Anonymous said...

these pictures are crazy intense! trina and your family must have been scared to death! i am so glad you are okay.

N said...

How crazy... and amazing.

welcome2ourworld said...

Wow ! Now you've got a story to tell your son/daughter...I am sorry to hear that #9 wasn't the lucky one. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you !!!

2momswithaplan said...

Wow... those are crazy photos... but Trina and those involved in the rescue did a great job!

So I have to ask... how did the accident happen?

Anonymous said...


I just read this post and the last one and I am speechless. What a harrowing and terrifying experience. I am so glad you are both here to recount the story and I hope you are recovering well. I'll be checking in to hear part II.

Those photos are crazy!

Lots of love and healing to you both.

PS - happy birthday and sorry about the bfn.

Carrie said...

i still can't believe this! so scary! ps - you were so on the money with your comment to my blog, about PTSD. it is so true!

Mina said...

That is insanely scary, thank God you made it out okay!

KraftyKay said...

Oh my, how terrifying. I hope you are recovering well.

Stef said...

Wow.. you are a lucky one. I am sorry that you guys are having such a hard time with insemintations.
Do you use baby aspirin? I was told to take one a day before and after insemination to thin my blood.. and other secretions, to help the egg swim better. It worked for us. Also use Robitussin on your most fertile days to make the secretions nice and EW!!

Anonymous said...

My God, that's a terrifying experience! I'm glad you're okay...just take care of yourself!

Carrie said...

hey girl, just thinking about ya. how are you feeling from the water accident? hope you are recovering well, and I'm sure Trina is right there beside you, as you are for her. :)