Friday, May 23, 2008

Identity Crisis

I had a strange conversation with a client today. It went a little somethin like this...

Woman: Hi Kat, I have an appointment with you. (big cheery smile)

Me: I'm not Kat, but she'll be right with you. (less than cheery smile)

Woman: Oh, then I think I made my appointment with the wrong person. I wanted you. What's your name? (frowning)

Me: I'm Robin.

Woman: No, that's not it. (deeper frown)

Me: *blink blink, looking down at name badge* Um, yeah, I'm pretty sure it is... Kat is probably who you want, we look similar.

Woman: Wow, you two must be twins or something. (smiling again)

Me: (weak half smile, not saying a damn thing because this is the 3rd time today I've been mistaken for Kat who is 9yrs younger, has a shaved head and just happens to be the only other lesbian in our shop)

Seriously people. We don't really all look alike, right??


Amy said...

ya, um... no. suburban mentality. all you short-haired lesbians look the same. and see how progressive she was to ask for a lesbian? she probably feels so progressive.

Unknown said...

oh dont kid yourself...anyone in any sort of "minority" group looks the same. dont you know that!! :)

i have a shaved head and i am constantly mistaken for boys and other bald lesbians...

oh well such is my plight!

Anonymous said...

I am not a lesbian and my head is not shaved. Quite the opposite; I have long, flowing tresses. However, to one of our clients of another ethnicity, I look exactly like a colleague who is 15 years younger and 50 pounds heavier. And my sister-in-law who's in a wheelchair? Nobody has any idea what she looks like because nobody looks directly at her; they look at the person with her. Tres bizarre.