Thursday, December 29, 2011

Frugal Family Fun Day

Today was awesome. The 5 of us jumped into the van and drove to our absolute favorite restaurant for an amazing meal. The waitstaff there is great and they love the boys. A friend of mine gave us a gift card for Christmas that covered all but $3.04 of our meal. After that we hit a Starbucks drive through for a perfectly made Caramel Macchiato, also paid for with a Christmas gift card, this one from my boss. Finally we all headed to the park to burn off some energy & get some fresh air. I can't think of a nicer way to spend my day off. 

Linus loves to lick lemons. Say that 5 times fast!
He had a pretty good time licking the salt off of french fries, too. He even nibbled little pieces off & promptly spit each one into his lap. He likes to pretend to eat socially. 

 Dexter systematically put cube after cube of extra sharp cheddar cheese in his mouth.
 When every last cube was gone & he was stuffed full...
 he signed "please" so we'd give him more. Uh, no Mr Hamster Cheeks, how about you chew & swallow first. Geez, It's like he WANTS to choke & die.

PS- Despite how it looks, Dexter does not have a dirty face. His forehead is full of bruises in varying shades of blue & green thanks to the drumsticks his Papa got them for Christmas. Also his poor cheeks & chin are dotted with spots of eczema. These kids, it's always something...

Simon had his first taste of raw onion. He didn't seem to mind the flavor, but it was a little too stringy for his personal preference.
 On the other hand, he had no issue with eating his lemon wedge, rind and all. What a goofball.

I should mention that I LOVE these eating smocks for when we dine out with the boys. They cover their entire shirt and part of their lap. Rarely does any food find it's way to their nice clothes underneath. Totally worth the $4.99 per 2 pack at Ikea. No I do not get any compensation for that statement, just a helpful tip from a mom of multiples.

This is the only picture I got of the park because when these monkeys were let loose, they all ran in opposite directions. Well, Linus crawled slowly but surely away from us, but you get the idea. I always laugh at the "No Ducks" sign at the gate. Who is it for? Are ducks supposed to read it and know this is a duck-free zone or are people so prone to bringing their pet ducks that a sign had to be erected?


z. said...

I never thought about using those I.kea smocks as anything other than art smocks for our girls. Brilliant!

Our Ellie always stuffs her cheeks so full that she uses her finger to keep all the food in while she chews. She's done it since she started eating. It grosses us out and freaks out anyone else who watches her eat. I wish there was some way to get her to stop, but I just give up!

Yay for frugal family fun day!

Anonymous said...

This whole post makes me happy! I adore all.things.frugal and the photos of the boys are pure charm. They're just as beautiful as ever! Also, thanks for the smock idea. :) Happy New Year to all of you! R.