Thursday, August 26, 2010

9lbs of Bouncing Baby Boys

At the peri appointment 2 weeks ago I told Trina I wanted the boys to weigh 3lbs a piece at the next check in. She scoffed at me and said that was too high a goal. I joking told her that if they didn't, she sucks. Then she gave me "the look". As of yesterday, the boys were measuring 3lbs3oz, 3lbs & 2lbs15oz. Now when Trina tells people that the boys weight 3lbs, I remind her that Baby C doesn't, because obviously she doesn't feed him enough. She swears it's because he's the most interactive with her so he must've "worked it off" kicking and rolling. Likely excuse. :)

The doctor told Trina she was doing a great job and to keep doing whatever she's doing. Her cervix is kind of short, but has been from 12 weeks and hasn't made any major drops since then. She also told Trina that she usually doesn't let triplet moms go much past 34 weeks. She said there's no need to torture the moms further after that point. 34 weeks is Sept 27. That means we're having our babies next month. Next month? How can that be? Where'd the time go? Still trying to wrap my head around that little fact...

After we left the doctor's office, Trina popped into the restroom for the 300th time that day. Forgetting how huge her belly was, she clipped it with the stall door and left a nasty scrape on the top right quadrant. Poor Baby C, first she starved him and now she's beating him.

Yesterday we went over to the hospital to tour the NICU. They showed us around NICU 3, which is where the smallest and sickest babies are. It was MUCH bigger than the NICU my friend's twins were at. I was a little overwhelmed by the machine noise and shear number of fragile little lives kept going by tubes and wires and lights. It was good to see, though, so I'm not blindsided when my boys join their ranks. They showed us 2 little boys that weighed 3lbs so we could get an idea of what our guys looked like. One was hooked up to a CPAP and had tubes and wires everywhere. The other had only a nasal cannula and less wires. Even though they weighed the same, it's amazing how much smaller the first boy looked to me. So frail. When we left, the nurse said it was nice to meet us, but that she hopes to never see us again. I felt the same way. Keep on baking boys.

29 Week Belly, 46.5", +42#
See the scrape?

Baby A had the only "good" shot again. It's getting harder and harder to see these guys...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

28 Weeks!!

We have now reached 28 weeks. This is a big milestone due to the babies now producing surfactant. If they were to be born now, they would have much less pulmonary distress than before. 90% of triplets are born on or before 32 weeks, so that is our next milestone.

Last Wed we got to see the boys at our bi-monthly peri appointment. The identicals are still making it nearly impossible to measure them. The tech didn't even pick up the wand. I think she's still scarred from our last visit. Doc adopted a confused and mildly perturbed face from the moment they popped on screen. She just kept mumbling and grumbling under her breath. At different points I heard her say "Who's foot is that?" and "Is that a hand?" It was finally decided that Baby A (who I firmly believe used to be Baby B, but whatever...) is feet down at a diagonal and baby B is hands down and transverse. Baby C behaved like always and stayed out of the wrestling match. The official weights were 2lbs7oz, 2lbs5oz and 2lbs3oz. All measuring ahead for singletons. Somehow our fraternal is our little guy. Just our trio's style to go against the norm. Our tech reminds us that our boys are going to be a handful at every appointment. I believe her whole heartedly.

What's worse than being 27 weeks pregnant with triplets? Being pregnant with August...with NO a/c! That was us for 2 weeks. Well, some of 2 weeks anyway. It did work sporadically. After 2 weeks, 4 visits, 5 nights in a hotel, 40 million calls from my wife to the a/c repair place and many many tears our a/c is good as new. What a pain. The stress was causing Trina to have a lot of contractions. It was really begining to scare me. She went from having 0-3 contractions an hour to 5-7 contractions an hour. Now that all is well with the homestead, they've calmed back down. Now she's back to only having to deal with constant pain (back, hands, feet, legs, you name it), swelling extremities and acid reflux. Sounds like heaven, right? :)

27 Weeks Belly, 45.5", +40lbs

28 Week Belly, 45.5", +38

The one good shot from this week's appointment. Baby A, or so I've been told. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Our 26th week has been a real bitch. Trina is fine, the babies are perfect. I'll go into detail next post. I'm off to meet my lovely wife at the nice, cool, air conditioned hotel room since our house is at 94' right now...

I'll leave you with a photo. She wanted me to make sure you all knew those are NOT stretch marks. They're bed wrinkles and are the result of her being horizontal as much as humanly possible this week. :)

26Week Belly, 45.5", +36lbs