Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally, another post...

OK, I know, I suck. Hopefully I will be MUCH more faithful about blogging when we are "with child" or have a child for that matter... It's been a while, so here goes.

Last week I purchased a beautiful crib set. We were sure we'd have to go with organic beige everything. No biggie, we like organic beige. We do NOT like bright gender specific themes or loudly colored cartoons or safari animals or Pooh,vintage or not. We were saved from all this by a catalog featuring not only an olive&chocolate modern crib set, but also a 15% off coupon for said set. I heart coupons. Trina wasn't sure about how this new crib set would "go" in the nursey. We had a vision for how it should look and feel. I assured her that she had no need to fret. It was perfect. While she was atwork, I made the crib, attached the bumper and installed the dust ruffle. She loves it. I knew she would. :)

Today was a GREAT day. We were both off work...all day...together. That NEVER happens lately. After breakfast, Trina called and ordered 3 vials from our chosen unknown donor. They'll be at our Dr's office in 2 days where they will sit and wait for next month's ovulation. Surreal. After the call, we spent a long time pouring over the nearly 40 pages of information that we have on our donor. I marvel at the similarities between him and I. Same build, hair and facial features. Our dad's have a similar build. Both our sisters played clarinet. We both recently read the same book and we both heart merecats. Hell, we both accidently "drove" our grandparents cars as very young children. Luckily for all involved, no one was hurt. The best part? I could keep going. He's a good match. I wonder sometimes if my future child's antics will be caused by my nuture or their bio-dad's nature...

Buying sperm and reading the donor's file front to back got us motivated to work on the nursery. We hung the picture frames that have been sitting on the floor for nearly 2 months. Feeling spunky, we moved on the the ones that have been waiting under our bed to be hung above the headboard. It felt good to tackle 2 projects from start to finish. :)

Certainly this day couldn't get better, right? Wrong. My amazing camera was delivered today. Thanks to alot of help from a photo-geek friend of mine, I picked out and ordered a great camera. A great camera I have no idea how to use. There are so many buttons and dials and settings, it's mind boggling. I have a little less than a month to become Ansel Adams. I want to photo-document everything from insemmination to birth and beyond. I want to give my child an overwhelming amount of information about how we brought them into this world and I want this information to be skillfully illustrated. Tonight, I started photographing the nursery and all of the cute baby items we already own. It warmed my heart to go through all the tiny clothes and blankets and carriers and books and more that now belong in my house. This was a good day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

She Peaked!

That's right, folks, according to our trusty Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, Trina's LH peaked today. Sometime over the next 24-48hrs she will ovulate. Apparently being on birth control pills for that last year has not, in fact, upset her womanly balance. We were so worried that it would take 2-3 cycles (as it sometimes does) before she would begin to ovulate again after getting off "the pill". So, with our new found knowlegde and downright giddiness, we promptly called someone we've fondly dubbed "the sperm lady". This is the woman in our doctor's office that coordinates sperm ordering, shipping, storing and such. Unfortunately we had to leave a message, but even that didn't darken our mood. We now eagerly await a return call so we can get this show on the road. Being the lovable pessimist that I am, it HAS occured to me that everything is going a little too smoothly and that's ok. I'll just be here, smiling like a fool, waiting for the other shoe to drop. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

OB Consult

Well, our OB consult went great. He is a very personable, informative guy. If I had to point out a flaw, it would have to be that he's a hairy little dude. Sometimes I would get lost watching his fuzzy mustache dance around and forget to listen to his words. After we chatted for awhile he did a pelvic exam and gave us the all clear to start the process. Due to Trina's irregular periods he prescribed fertility drugs that she will start on the 5th day of her next cycle. With any luck, approximately this time next month we'll do our first insemination. Everything seems so real now. I was practically giddy leaving his office.
The only down side to the whole day was going to the lab to give blood for the STD panel. Trina is a needlephobe requires a talented and caring phlebotomist. The woman who took her blood was neither. In fact she was rude and completely unprofessional. She showed us to a room with a chair and Trina politely told her that she'd need to be lying down to have blood drawn. The B***** actually rolled her eyes, sighed and showed us to a table set up in the hall. The table was being used as a countertop and was covered in blood drawing paraphenalia. She made a big show of snatching everything off the table and tossing it onto a nearby counter. Trina was livid at this point. She was glaring at me and quietly threatening to walk out. When the woman walked away, I helped Trina onto the table. I tried to calm her by lovingly stroking her forehead and telling her it would be OK. I was informed that she was NOT to be "petted". By the look in her eyes and her flushed cheeks, I knew better than to tell her I was just trying to help... The rude woman came back, quickly took her blood and walked off without another word. Apparently the pure white hot fury in my wife kept her from getting overly woozy or passing out. Although we will definitely not be going back to that lab, it's good to know that anger overrides her fear of needles. Perhaps next time she needs blood drawn I'll tell her that yes, those jeans DO make her butt look big or maybe ask if she is going to be this hormonal for the entire pregnancy. Sure, I'll probably end up with a black eye, but if she doesn't puke it may be worth it... :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two Bars

We started using the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor this cycle. Well it's Day 9 and Trina got to pee on her first test stick. Yay! She has high fertility, or so the little screen said. :) Now we're getting ready to go meet with our new OB to discuss our impending insemination. This is a good day.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Early aggrivation

As of yesterday, we have officially given up on our previously chosen OB. We are not overly demanding people, but enough is enough. Here's a run down of events leading us to ditch our doc... Trina went in to fill out paperwork so her medical records would be given to our new doc so we could begin our insemination process. Two weeks later she called to see if everything went through ok. They said she had forgotten to sign the release form so they didn't send it off. No call, no nothin, they just decided to push it aside. If Trina hadn't called to check in, we would've never known they hadn't sent it off. Without these records, we can't order sperm. Without sperm, we can't inseminate. Grrr. When she went back in the sign the piece of paper, she wrote down a few questions to be given to the Dr and was told she'd receive a call that afternoon with answers. That was Friday. On Monday she called the office to remind them she had questions and to leave her phone number again. It's now Thursday and we haven't heard from them. We're done. Our best friend had a great experience with her OB so we called and made a consultation appt for next Thursday. We're pretty excited. Our goal is to be pregnant and happy. Hopefully he's the guy that can accomplish that. :)