Thursday, February 7, 2008

Early aggrivation

As of yesterday, we have officially given up on our previously chosen OB. We are not overly demanding people, but enough is enough. Here's a run down of events leading us to ditch our doc... Trina went in to fill out paperwork so her medical records would be given to our new doc so we could begin our insemination process. Two weeks later she called to see if everything went through ok. They said she had forgotten to sign the release form so they didn't send it off. No call, no nothin, they just decided to push it aside. If Trina hadn't called to check in, we would've never known they hadn't sent it off. Without these records, we can't order sperm. Without sperm, we can't inseminate. Grrr. When she went back in the sign the piece of paper, she wrote down a few questions to be given to the Dr and was told she'd receive a call that afternoon with answers. That was Friday. On Monday she called the office to remind them she had questions and to leave her phone number again. It's now Thursday and we haven't heard from them. We're done. Our best friend had a great experience with her OB so we called and made a consultation appt for next Thursday. We're pretty excited. Our goal is to be pregnant and happy. Hopefully he's the guy that can accomplish that. :)


Unknown said...

I am so excited that you guys are going to a different doctor! That doctor sucks!

Lynn said...

What a crock- sometimes I hate those damn docs! Grumble grumble, but of course, I am a buck the system kind of gal!