Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Austin Trip

We drove to Austin to see my dad and step mom this weekend. Trina took some allergy meds in anticipation of the "nature" we'd soon be tromping through. Trina NEVER sleeps in the car, but about 45min into the drive, she drifted into an antihistamine slumber. Now, I'm a bit of a leadfoot and Trina is constantly telling me to slow down. Trina was sleeping... Having to wake her up and tell her we were being pulled over was not fun. I briefly toyed with the idea of seeing if she'd sleep through it. After getting back on the road I was prepared for the tongue lashing I deserved. She surprised me by not being angry or snippy. No mention was made of my ticket during our family visit. When it was time to go, she asked me for the keys. I just smiled and tossed them to her. Forgive, but don't forget folks. I love my wife. :)

The trip went really well (minus the run-in with the law). We told my dad and step mom that our first insem was going to be this cycle, not next like nearly everyone believes. We showed them pictures of our nursery and talked about the things we've already purchased or received. I brought a print out of our donor info and my dad looked at it briefly while I explained how much information we are actually given. We've made sure to keep them updated on our progress over the last few months, but I wanted to have a face-to-face talk with them about the pregnancy now that it's "time". I know my dad loves me and loves Trina, but he is an old fashioned guy. He's had trouble with my being a lesbian, then the wedding, now this. I know he's trying and never says anything negative, at least not to us. Hopefully our being open and honest from the start will make it easier for them to ask questions if/when they feel like taking an active interest. I figure when our baby gets here, they'll have no choice but love our amazing creation. Who doesn't love babies??

Dad's dome-house.

Walking up the dry creek bed with the pooches.

Avoiding what's left of Onion Creek's water.

Dad on the dam.
Rube in his element.


Stacey said...

they will come around, our parents are exactly the same.... in fact, megs parents did their will last week and the clause is when meg passes, her natural birth child gets whats left, not the baby I will carry... that was a kick in the guts, i mean, i dont want a cent, but to think they only consider a child she gives birth too as their grandchild... well, that hurt! I just have faith that when they see her with the baby, and it calling her mama, that they see it differently. good luck girls... we are thinking of you!

Vada said...

Hopefully he will come around... I know he has surprised you before.

My dad is pretty conservative and he could not be happier, he is so in-love with his granddaughter it is crazy... Even Amys mom refers to us both as Kahlo's moms...

I could not be a part of anyones life who did not see the beauty between Kahlo and Amy - it shows you how little birthing a child has to do with being a parent.

Kim aka Mommy said...

My parents were a little "iffy" when they first heard about M and I being a couple but by the time we told them about us wanting to start a family, they were fine. Well I know they don't 100% agree but they don't act or say anything hateful or out of the way about it. On the other hand, I've got a brother that was just horrible to us and that I have since disowned. His loss.

Your family will come around. It just takes time.

Love the dome house. :o)