Friday, March 6, 2009

Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles

Well once again I've been slacking on my blogging duties. This TWW has been fairly stress free. I'm trying not to obsess or over analyze every little thing. I think I've done a pretty good job, but I guess you'd have to ask Trina to be sure. :) So far things look good. She's a little weepy and has increasingly sore boobs, but doesn't feel "PMS-y". For the last 3 days she's had both nausea & heartburn off/on. That's about it for "symptoms". Although I had to laugh the other morning because as I was cooking delicious gourmet pancakes from scratch, she decided to have an appetizer. She ate a chocolate peanut butter egg then washed it down with a dill pickle spear. For anyone else, this would be odd. Not for my wife, she's a freak. How am I ever going to know if she gets weird cravings? What could be weirder than how she normally eats??


txmoms2b said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I have been using the clear blue easy monitor, but I bought it used. I followed directions that i found online to restore the monitor to factory settings and this is my second month using it. I have yet to get a peak reading on the monitor, altho it'll stay high almost all month tho. I've been using 2 different types of OPKs, and I'll see a change on them, but never a positive. Before we get to the point of actually doing our first insem, I'm going to go get some testing done to see if i'm actually ovulating. I'm trying to stay positive. It is nice to see other Texan 2 mom families. How are y'all going about this process?

Anonymous said...

Your woman and I have similar crazy eating habits. Good to know I am not alone.

I hope she is stricken with terrible cramps and nausea, the good kind of course!

Anonymous said...

hey dont hate on the peanut butter egg and dill pikles!! i absofrigginlutely love you two!! we are totaly preggers! i cant take the stress anymore! so im officially caught up on the blog stuff, you should write a book it would be swell. i bet it would make it to the top of the best sellers list thats cause you rock :) i decided to comment this because you have SOOO many online supporters and its sweet! AND I SUPPORT YOU TOO offline and online thus the basis for my comment :) ---love the best person ever (other then the wife)

2momswithaplan said...

Oh man! That's a new one! LOL

Stress free tww is the only way to go! I hope it brings your BFP. Those symptoms sound very promising! Holly's only symptom is sore boobies and a runny nose. But that could be allergies.

You two are in my thoughts. I can't wait to hear your HPT results. Lets hope Holly and Trina will be preggo buddies and we can share stories about being the 'other' mother! :) Food cravings and moodswings here we come!