Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pincushions and Change of Plans

Wed Trina had her first acupuncture appointment. Everything went pretty well considering she's a hardcore needlephobe. :) She had some anxiety and a few waves of dizziness, but made it through. She was exhausted for the rest of the day. Our acupuncturist was great. She took a very detailed patient history and commented on some of the very things I've brought up to my OB only to have him dismiss them as trivial or nonexistent. I'm really glad we went and am starting to regret not going sooner in our TTC journey. Live and learn.

At our last post-BFN OB visit, our Doc said he'd like to do a follicle scan and possible trigger shot this cycle. I'm all for the scan, but don't think the trigger is necessary. We'll see. After counting days we realized that Memorial Day would interfere with the timing. Our ovulation would most likely coincide with their 4 day weekend. Ah well, after some discussion we decided to take a break this cycle. That way, we would have 4 acupuncture appointments under our belt, save a little money to pay for the scan and be ready to go next cycle. Well... After a few days Trina started getting really sad about being on a break so we compromised and got one vial. This cycle has no Cl0mid, one acupuncture appt and only one ICI. Here's rooting for the underdog. :)


Unknown said...

It only takes one..right?
SEnding lots of positive energy your way.

thebao said...

lots of luck! so glad to hear the acupuncture was a good experience.

Anonymous said...

We've done the one vial route as well. Good luck! I'm anxious to hear how the accupuncture goes.

Anonymous said...

Acupuncture is great - I had my first session last week too. I'm not keen on needles but was in the middle of a horrendous migraine so really felt too sick to care about them. I hope it helps!
And yes, it only takes one so here's hoping for this one!!

laffy said...

Hoping the acupuncture works for you! Good luck! Baby thoughts are on their way to you!


justine said...

hey! you've got to play to win.

good luck! we're thinking of you here.

Anonymous said...

I am rooting for you!!!

I have to admit that of all the fertility assistance we had had so far, the trigger is the least expensive/inconvenient and is also the thing that gives me the most comfort. I never knew exactly when after a positive OPK I was ovulating and the trigger makes it so much more precise. I happen to be a needle phobe too but I just look away and tell them not to let me know when it's coming. It makes it so much easier to pinpoint when to do the IUI.

Good luck!!!

2momswithaplan said...

Holly's been doing acu for 3 months now, you can really see the difference in her BBT. Good luck, I think you girls on the right track!

P.S. I sent you and invite. :)