Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trina's Story

Wednesday Trina started having very sharp pains in her abdomen that came every 3 minutes. They only lasted 5-10 seconds, but they were excruciating. She called her "contraction monitor nurse" who told her to do another hour on the monitor. Nothing registered so it was chalked up to "baby movement". After the monitoring, Trina started getting nauseous and the pains kept coming. She called the nurse back who, in turn, called the doctor. They told her she wasn't in preterm labor since no contractions were registering, but that if she felt the need to get checked, to do it. At some point during the day, one or two calls were made to our peri's office as well. Basically everyone just told her that at 34+ weeks pregnant with triplets, these misery inducing symptoms were long overdue. She could either stay home and ride them out until the c-section on Friday or come in and get checked and possibly prescribed something to ease the pain & nausea. At 9 o'clock that night Trina started vomiting. We decided, preterm labor or not, it was time to go to the hospital.

Trina wouldn't let me take the time to pack up her 7 thousand pillows or her comfy pants or a few other odds and ends that I wanted to grab. As far as she was concerned, we were going to go down there, get checked out and come home. The fact that the nurses seemed so nonchalant about her ordeal made her doubt the validity of her concerns. She vomited 3-5 times within the first 30 minutes she was there. I could not have been less surprised when the nurse told her there was no way she was leaving at 34+ weeks gestation with triplets and a scheduled c-section less that 48 hours away. They did a non stress test on the boys, or at least tried to. As always, Linus refused to cooperate for them. They also did a contraction strip that showed nil. These tests lasted longer than they should have since Trina kept having to sit up and vomit. They finally got done, ran some blood and placed an IV. They gave her fluids, Z0fran & Amb1an to help ease all her woes.

Our peri came by the room first thing the next morning to tell us that although the blood, NST & contraction monitors were all clear, she had no problem doing the c-section a day early to ease Trina's misery. Trina declined saying that she could ride out the 36 hours of pain to make it to the boys' scheduled OR time. During that time the nurses did 2 more fetal monitoring sessions. Linus showed up for neither. Apparently he was low in Trina's pelvis and completely underneath Simon. They basically just checked to see if he was still alive & left it at that. During the 2nd one, they had to go track down a doppler to find him with. What a stinker he was being.

Trina did her best to sleep through the last day and a half of her pregnancy. If she was awake, she felt every stabbing pain and wave of nausea. Sleeping, she could miss all but the worst of it. It seemed like nurses were popping in every few hours through the day and night, so sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time was difficult.

When it came time to get ready for the c-section, it didn't seem real. I got into some scrubs and we loaded Trina into a wheelchair. As we got to the door where Trina and I had to part ways for a bit, she started crying. It broke my heart that I couldn't go with her because I knew she was scared. The thought of getting an epidural, then a c-section was terrifying to her. I paced in my little waiting room for the full 30 minutes before someone came back to get me.

The OR was buzzing with activity. Trina was doing ok, but was very nauseous. The anesthesiologist was a personable guy who told me he'd let me know when to stand up to see the action. Trina kept retching so I was focused on taking care of her. The anesthesiologist took my camera so I'd have some shots of the boys popping out. Everything was a blur. Even though I did stand up once they starting coming out, I have only flashes of memory. They each cried and it was such a relief. I was shocked to see how blue they all were as they were whisked by.

After they were all out, I could tell there was a sense of urgency in the room. Apparently Trina's uterus would not tone back up and she was bleeding out. The doctors were working so hard on her that she was literally lifted off the table at the waist a few times. From what I could gather, the anesthesiologist topped out two medications and was starting a third. Trina started getting woozy and a nurse took me out of the room. I was told before hand that they would make me leave if there was a problem, so I was really worried.

The nurse took me to a stabilization room where Simon and Linus were being worked on. I was able to snap a few pictures in the midst of all of the fray. Someone asked if I'd seen Dexter yet and took me to him when I said no. He was in another room with his own team. Boy was he angry! :) I snapped a few pics of him, too. Then it was time for Trina to meet the boys. Simon was doing very well so he was handed to Trina so she could put him on her chest. She only held him for a moment then started feeling dizzy. The doctors were still working on her, but I figured if they let me back in, things must not be too bad. Both Linus and Dexter were wheeled in in isolettes so Trina could barely see or touch them. I followed the boys upstairs to NICU observation while the doctors finished up.

When I came back to stay with Trina in the recovery room, I was shocked to see that her lips and hands were blue. She was shaking violently and was terribly nauseous. It broke my heart, but I didn't show her how worried I was. I just told her how good the boys were doing and let her rest. She was so thirsty and her mouth was dry, but she wasn't allowed any water. The nurse finally brought her some ice chips and told me to give her only one every few minutes. She slowly stopped shaking and the color started returning to her face and hands. She still felt cold to the touch, though. Trina's always warmer than me so this is totally out of the ordinary. A few hours later they took her to a room. She was starting to look better, but couldn't keep her eyes open. When she did come to, she told me to go be with the boys. I was torn. There was no way to be in 4 places at once. Who's bed side did I stand by? I followed Trina's wishes and went to the boys. Luckily their beds were lined up so I just bounced back and forth between the three trying to stay out of the nurses' way. To my surprise, the first thing Trina did when coming to was pump. I spent our whole hospital stay running milk up to the NICU every few hours. She's amazing!

The next morning Trina was dying to see the boys, but the nurses told her she wasn't well enough, she'd lost too much blood. I'd already taken 200 pictures and shown her, but it's not the same as seeing them in person. Finally at 17hours after their birth Trina put her foot down and told the nurse to bring a wheelchair. She was going to see her sons dammit! As the nurses got her up and helped her to the restroom, Trina promptly started losing consciousness. This did not bode well for a speedy NICU visit. They got her back to bed and told her to rest. She was heartbroken, but had no recourse. Four hours later she felt ready to try again. This was a winner. 21 long hours after their birth. Trina finally got to see her baby boys. She was only able to stay upright for about 30 minutes before getting dizzy again, but it was beautiful and tear inducing to say the least.

Over the next 6 days, Trina had a bevy of complications that lengthened her hospital stay. It semed that every day they'd say, if we can get *enter issue here* under control, you can go home tomorrow. Unfortunately there was always something to take that problem's place. She was crazy anemic due to the blood loss during the c-section. She popped a fever twice. Once after the surgery due to meds given to stop her bleeding and once for an hour the night her milk came in. Her blood pressure was higher than it ever was during her pregnancy. She swelled up like the Stay Puft marshmallow man requiring several days of Las1x. Due to the stress and antibiotics, she had a yeast outbreak in several uncomfortable places. Finally at 10pm on the 6th day post op, She was released from the hospital. I immediately drove her to The Children's Hospital to see our Linus. It'd been 4 days since she laid eyes on him. :(

Since her discharge, Trina has done marvelously. She's pumping almost enough to keep up with all 3 boys' milk needs. She's in very little pain other than when she coughs, sneezes, etc without warning. She's been walking a lot and wears a belly brace to help with any discomfort. I can't believe how strong she is and how quickly she's healed. These boys are SO lucky to have her as a mom.

Now for the part you really wanted. Pictures!

34Week Belly, 49", +57lbs

35Week Belly, 42", +19lbs
-1 Week Belly, 42", -38lbs

Notice how there are only 2 blue sensors? That's because they gave up on finding and keeping Linus on one.

Trying to sleep away the discomfort.

Our last picture as a 2 person family.

My awesome OR outfit. Stylish, no?

Trina holding Simon.

Trina touching Linus.

Trina seeing Dexter.

Taking Trina to the NICU for the first time.

Holding Simon

Holding hands with Linus.

Lookin at Dexter's precious punam.


K J and the kids said...

That is CRAZY exciting. Trina stayed strong CLEAR til the very end.
Amazing. and what a GREAT job she did. Those boys are just awesome.
Thanks for sharing this story.

anofferingoflove said...

well, i am all teary! what *beautiful* pictures, thank you for sharing!

and a belated welcome home to dexter!!

N said...

I love it I love it I love it. How beautiful.

Loralou said...

I cried at least twice during that!

Anonymous said...

awww this is so awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Jamie said...

My partner and I have been following your blog for many many months, since before you guys were pregnant, and have been heartbroken for you many times. Now all I see is joy, courage, and strength. Thank you all so much for sharing your personal story.

And P.S. Don't get mad, but as soon as I looked at the first pictures you put up, Dexter was my favorite!

Shely said...

Bless you guys' heart! What an event! Glad Trina is doing better and that at least one of the little guys is getting to come home! Now is Linus would shape up and quit being a wimpy white boy and spring that NICU ;) Many prayers they all come home SOON!

Movie Gyrl said...

You both did a great job. Thank God after all was said and done, everyone is doing well in one form or another. Also great job on the names. Im sure each one fits their personality. WOW YOU MOMS ARE A FAMILY OF 5!! That has to feel beyond good :)