Friday, January 30, 2009

Furry Family Members

I love reading everyone's answers to our questions. I really appreciate ya'll playing along and keeping me occupied during this damn TWW. Today's question is about the families we build and exercise our nurturing instincts on. They give us unconditional love and bring joy to our lives. I'm sure many of you have had people ask you stupid questions like "well what will you do with your pets when the baby comes?" Uh, love them, feed them and continue taking them on weekly trips to the dog park? Isn't that what M0by's, Bj0rns, Erg0s and the like are for? Keeping your hands free for leashes. :)

Question #3:
Do you currently have any pets or is there an animal who has a special place in your heart? 

Our answer:
Boy do we ever! We have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rats and a fish tank. No we are not "getting rid" of any of them. They're our family.

Bradley was my first dog as an "adult". I adopted him out of the local pound when he was about a year old. Now he's 12 yrs old and still going strong. He's a big lug and I love him. :)

Ripley was brought in as an abuse case to the vet clinic I used to work for. She was seizing, suffering from heat stroke, a major parasite infestation, an ulcerated cornea and malnutrition. I nursed her back to health for a month. No one could believe she survived. She was only 3lbs, but what a fighter. Now she's a 10lbs 9yr old and still as feisty as ever.

We've only had Keagan for about a year. When I saw him at the adoption center I just knew we had to have him. This guy is a wire-coated clown and the best snuggler anyone could ever hope for. At 2 1/2 yrs old, he's the baby and a spoiled brat at that!

Cairo is another vet clinic adoptee. 7yrs ago, she was brought in as a stray and after calling 14 other vet clinics, every animal control and adoption center in the area, Sphynx rescue and posting "found kitty" signs, no one came to retrieve her. How do you misplace a hairless cat and not notice?? Our best guess is that she's around 13 or 14yrs now. She's a heat seeking missle and wins the heart of everyone who meets her. 

Escher is 9 and originally belonged to my sister. When she moved in with me, the cat came with her, when she moved out, the cat stayed. Fine by me, she's a real sweetheart. She often plays with Keagan but pretends not to if she sees you watching. She'll stop and lick her paw or yawn until she thinks your attention is elsewhere. Then start up with him again. It's hilarious. She's a total closet dog lover.


Anonymous said...

We have one goofy, high strung, ball obsessed wire hair Jack Russell named Duncan. He is ten years old and still like a puppy. I have had him since he was a pup with the exception of a year or so that he lived with my ex when we were sharing custody. He's all mine now. I just love him.

We also have a three year old calico cat named Luna. She is a freakishly friendly cat who won't hesitate to park her fat bottom on anyone she meets and beg for attention. I think she thinks she is a dog. She let's us trim her nails without any struggle and comes when called. She adores the dog and constantly has to be touching him. He finds her terribly annoying.

We also foster lots of kittens each year for a local no kill shelter and because my wife is also in the vet industry we have the occassional needy animal at the house for care.

Your brood is so cute!

Dani Magestro said...

i love all your furry family members, the hairless cat is adorable~!

Anonymous said...

What a fun pack of animals you have!

We have one very sweet 6-year old chihuahua. When people who have negative ideas of chihuahuas meet her, they immediately change their minds :-) We're confident that she's going to be very good with the baby, especially since she's been around other babies and kids before. We're more cautious about how gentle the kids are with her.

Jen said...

I completely agree. We currently have 3 "kids" and once we get preggo and give birth, we will have 4. I can't believe how many people actually give away their pets when they have kids! It makes me so mad.

Lulu is my baby, a 3yr old pug diva, who rules the house. She has a closet, complete with baby hangers for her clothes and loves to wear sweaters and coats in the winter. (yes, I am completely one of THOSE people). Then we have the 2 cats...Jackson and Snow, who are both completely white, and most people can not tell them apart. We get people who ask, how do you know which one...duh. They are my kids, and I think if I had twins, I would know one from the other. Snow is the smartest cat on the earth and Jack is our "special" child, who cries alot, has urine issues, anxiety issues and is really obese, but we love him! Those are our kids and nothing, nothing would ever change that.

Anonymous said...

We have two cats and a dog. First their is Zoom, a 7 year old grey and white cat who we got the day after we moved in together 7 years ago. She (and her mummy K) thinks she is a princess who can do no wrong. She is very cuddly and sleeps with us most nights. Her favourite thing to do is wake us up by nibbling on our noses.

Next is our honey/brown tiger cat Neko who we got a year younger. Neko is my boy, but to be honest he's a grumpy shit but I love him lol. He has had lots of health issues and now has no teeth. Also he hates kids and swipes at nieces and nephews when they visit (not sure how that's going to resolve itself when the time comes). His favourite thing to do is be the boss. And eat.

Then there's Tai, our 1yo puppy. We adopted her from the pound at my work. She was found with her litter mates in a cardboard box on the road at about 5 weeks. Sadly, her siblings didn't get adopted and it still breaks our hearts that we could only take one of them. She is everything a puppy should be - loving, boisterous and far too smart for her own good! Her favourite thing to do is everything that we're doing, and she has to have her best friend Bear with her too. Bear's her teddy bear - honestly goes everywhere with her!

Inlocoparentis said...

We have a sphynx rescue too. We also have a regular cat and a pom mix, but the hairless gets the most attention (both good and bad). :)

KraftyKay said...

We have one of each: a dog and a cat. It honestly breaks my heart a little bit to think that we'll have to kick the cat out of the bed once the little one arrives--we just can't take the chance that she'll try to sleep on top of the baby, like she does with us.